Warframe Platinum Codes – Tips to Getting Precious In-Game Currency

Warframe platinum codes

Warframe is a complicated game. All those factions, materials, mods. There are four in-game currencies! Platinum (which is the most important), Credits, Ducats, and Standing.

The reason why it’s so complicated is because there are ways you can ‘grind out’ i.e play, level up, complete a task and earn a special item.

Or make a purchase. As it stands at the moment of writing, one Platinum is worth around .67 in U.S. dollars.

There’s a third way. You must become proficient in the Warframe economy.

Warframe Economy – Farming and Trading

All currencies in the game are earned. micro-transactions exist but they make up only a small part of the game (if you do make purchases).

Warframe is not a simple shooter game. there is a buzzing community behind the scenes. Helping out, creating, trading. If you become a part of the community, not only you will be able to exchange stuff at ‘friendly rates’, you will also get access to the best Warframe promo codes.

Warframe Platinum Codes TipsThe economy is a bit too complicated to explain in a couple of sentences, but most real-world principles apply.

Here are a couple of tips.

In the ideal world, you buy low and you sell high. But if you go that route, remember that you will be competing against every other player. To get items moving, go for smaller margins.

Chat is great for trading but you must act quickly. On the other hand, you can use sites that work as trade centers. Every item and its price are listed (low, mid, high). You can buy or start your own trade. Spend some time looking at the trades. This experience will save you lots of Platinum later.

Trading Platinum or Promo codes

Like any item, you can also trade Platinum. Obviously, the price is much more stable compared to a random item.

But if you have a surplus, or would like to help out a friend, that’s one way to do it.

If you don’t have many items to sell to get Platinum, you can also look at Warframe Platinum codes. Don’t expect 1000s of free Platinum but if you know where to find these promo codes, you can help kickstart your character in Warframe.

While you can get all kinds of weapons, slots, etc., Platinum codes are very rare. So, have patience.