Tricks on Online Slots – True or False?

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Online slots are incredibly fun to play until you start losing. Given the human nature, we start to look for who’s at fault. Or, how we can solve this.

If that’s you, we bet you also searched for tricks to beat online casinos at their own game.

Depending on the day, you might have come across some incredible promises. Some even claim to know the secret recipe to winning the jackpot.

Today, we bust those online slots myths

Can You beat Online Slots?


Should I play Online Slots?

Do you like online slots? Maybe you play live dealer games? If you like it, set some money on a side, allow yourself to lose it and see where it leads you.

Are there tips and tricks that can make you a better player? Of course. But not ridiculous claims about hacking or cheating the machines. It’s not possible.

What you can do though is play a better strategy. Some tips hit the nail on the head by claiming that number 1 road to online slots as a hobby is bankroll management. First of all, it must be a separate amount from your monthly responsibilities. And, secondly, it will allow you to play for longer.

Here are some more tips about how to play the best online slots strategy.

Online slots: practice and diversify

Online slots are not an investment but you could treat it like one. That means don’t get married to any one stock or game. If it’s time to cut the losses, do so without ifs or buts. If the machine is stuck, you can’t force it to pay. Get free spins and keep winnings. Or don’t. Then just move on.

Practice is one of the best advices you will hear. We are sure you are already aware of how you play slots. Practice is not for the mechanics. It’s for the psychology. On games like slots online, the mental side is incredibly important.

Imagine, you have lost 10% of your bankroll on your favorite slot. You can’t believe it. It used to pay tons. Now, nothing, With the hope it will soon pay big you keep on playing. Your losing margin extends. How can you force yourself to cut your losses (like you were supposed to do a long time ago) and either switch to completely different game or take a break.

Trust me: ‘I will quit if I lose X” doesn’t work. Neither does the: “I quit when I win X’.

You’re too invested emotionally, hyped up. What you can do is set regular alarms every 10 minutes to remind you that you play for fun and cutting loses is a sensible decision.

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