History of fruit slots machines

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At present, almost every gambler knows what a slot machine is. The history of slot machines has about 120 years, during which time they managed to conquer many.

It is interesting to note that the historical name slot machines slot machine used to refer to both trading and gaming machines. In translation, “slot” means a slot for accepting coins. However, later the name “slot machine” was used exclusively for gaming machines.

Mechanical gaming machine

For the first time fruit slot machines appeared in 1887, after the auto mechanic Charles August Fai (1862-1944), an American of German origin, invented the very first fruit slots machines. This slot machine worked from five-cent coins and was called “Liberty Bell” (Liberty Bell). Charles Fay collected these machines manually in his own car repair shop, and then rented them.

“Liberty Bell” was a three-disk automatic (with three drums). These disks worked independently of each other at different rotational speeds. On the reels there were card suits and bells.

The structure of the “Bell of Freedom” for many years determined the appearance of slot machines. Small coins were required for the game, which were inserted into a special tray.

The machines lacked a payment mechanism, so the winners of the money were paid to the players by the owner of the institution. The maximum prize that could be obtained was equal to 10 coins at 5 cents. Such a gaming machine soon received another name – “Liberty Bell” (one-armed bandit), as the player very quickly remained with nothing.

Around 1891, the first poker machine appeared, with playing cards on five drums. If a coin fell into the machine, then the drums started to spin, when the winning combination fell, the player received money from the owner.

Soon such machines for gambling began to produce on a massive scale. They returned three coins at 5 cents in exchange for one, which deceived the players. This mechanical machine was the harbinger of modern poker machines.

Mechanical gaming fruit slots machines soon began to enjoy great popularity, despite all the imperfections in the design. About a year later, Charles Fay opened a factory for the production of slot machine.

In such devices, when the weight of the coins reached a certain gravity, the doors opened and the payoff poured out. However, they did not last long, because to get a win it was enough just to hit the car harder.

Soon in 1897 in California to play in the slot machines were banned. This was due to the fact that with coins from automatic machines and with the winnings were not paid. A relevant law was issued that prohibited gambling, machine guns were converted into vending machines for the sale of sweets and chewing gum.

By the way, those symbols (cherry, plum, pear, inscription “bar”), which are currently present on the slots drums in the game, are a reminder of these hard times. Slot machines in the UK are even called “fruit-machines” (fruit machines).

The fight against “One-armed bandits”

The big dealers in the field of gambling considered the machines very lucrative and asked Charles Faye to sell the rights to manufacture and distribute machines, but he refused. In 1907, an industrialist from Chicago, Herbert Steefer Bell, began producing similar to the “Bell of Freedom” assault rifles. By 1910 almost every city in the country had slots attracting more and more people.

“One-armed bandit” – Game machine gun

The spread of the slot machines in Europe began after one of the game slots Faya was stolen by Novelty.

By 1949, slot machines appeared in Las Vegas at the Flamingo Hilton. At the very beginning it was supposed that they should entertain the girlfriends and wives of the rich casino players who played roulette or cards. However, soon gambling machines captured and casino players.

Slot machines are constantly being improved. In modern slots they play without a drum and a lever. Instead, a computer chip is embedded in the machine, the slot has a control button and a monitor with rotating drums.

In the mid-80’s, slot machines and table games were about equal in popularity. By the 90s, slot machines were confidently leading among gambling, machine guns were bringing to the owners a huge portion of the profits at their expense.

Not surprisingly, slot machines have won popular love. After all, to get a big win, you only need a relatively small fee and, of course, good luck.

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